The Vermont Chiropractic Association’s Political Action Committee, Vermonters for Chiropractic PAC, plays an important role in maintaining a chiropractic presence in Montpelier.  For years, our work in the Statehouse has helped to maintain and bring positive change to the profession.  This important work is largely due to the generous support of donors who contribute to our PAC campaign and supporting the legislators who support us.  

We are only able to give to Senators and House Representatives every election cycle (every two years). .  The PAC can give no more than $1500 to a Senator and no more than $1000 to each House candidate.  This election year's goal is to raise no less than $8,000.00. The PAC will be distributing contributions to Senators and Legislators at the end of August to show our support to those who work hard on our initiatives every day.  Without their support, our goals and presence will likely go unmet and unnoticed in the coming legislative sessions.  

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A HUGE thank you to the following people for giving so generously:

Dr. Jeremy Ste. Marie: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Jim Charkalis: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Andrew West: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Jill Marquess: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Mary Kintner: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Tom Turek: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Keith Schaller: $100.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Miles Colaprete: $200.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Vern Temple: $200.00 to PAC fund

Dr. James McGlinn: $200.00 to PAC fund

Drs. Kathy & Hayes Mumma: $200.00 to PAC fund

Drs. Ivy & Ken Liebman: $200.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Roseanne Dennan: $250.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Francis Smith: $250.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Ken Sullivan-Bol: $500.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Darryl Koch: $500.00 to PAC fund

Drs. Tilyr and Kelly Dunklow:  $500.00 to PAC fund

Dr.Charles Foster: $1000.00 to PAC fund

Drs. John and Marna Bisaccia: $1000.00 to PAC fund

Drs. Jim & Julia McDaniel: $1000.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Sean Mahoney: $1000.00 to PAC fund

Dr. Grace Johnstone: $100.00 to Rep. Chip Troiano

Drs. Erik and Vicki Hemmett: $350.00 to Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas

$1000.00 to Senator Tim Ashe

$1000.00 to Senator Michael Sirotkin

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